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Address: Çiğdem Mahallesi 1557 Sokak No: 44 Balgat-ANKARA-TÜRKİYE

Tel: 90 (312) 2850146

Web site: http://ankarafenlisesi.meb.k12.tr/

Project Team: İkbal KILIÇ, Eray DÖNMEZ YILDIRIM, Recep TEZ, Nihat KÖSE

Ankara Fen Lisesi is a public boarding high school in Ankara, Turkey with a curriculum concentrated on natural sciences and mathematics.

It was established in 1964 as the first science high school in Turkey with a funding from the Ford Foundation. The school is modeled after the American counterparts like the Bronx High School of Science.

It’s situated on a hill surrounded by pine trees with 16 classrooms, 5 labs, a library, two dormitories, a canteen, a snacks shop, a gym and two blocks of staff apartments.

It has always been the first choice of the most successful students passing the High School Entrance Exam since its establishment.

Our students aged 15-18, take part in national and international science competitions, do a lot of science projects and also some of them are in the Turkish national Science Olympiad team.

The preference of the students for their higher education is that they want to study Medicine or Engineering.

There are lots of famous doctors, engineers, managers and musicians who graduated from our school.

Özay Gönlüm Science School

Özay Gönlüm Science School is in a small town,Tavas, near denizli. It is a new School with the age of six. There are 450 students in the school, and most of them live in the school dormitory  during the term. They take an entrance exam and start at the school when they are fourteen and they stay at the school until they are eighteen. After that, 90% of them go to university. Most of the students come from the families with poor economic conditions.


It is a mixed state School. There are 24 classrooms in the school,  three science labs, an ICT room, a music room, an art room and a conference hall. There is no gym in our school.  It has a small garden with limited playing field for students. It was a teacher training high school when it started education in 2009. But, with a change in education policy of the government, all teacher training high schools turned into science schools or social science schools. So,  our school is now giving education as a science school with 25 teachers.  

Students have to study 40 hours in a week. Compulsory courses are below:










Turkish Literature and Grammar

Religious Education

Physical Education



Apart from these, there are also elective courses that students can study.


 The internet address : http://ozayfen.meb.k12.tr/