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Bacău, Romania

Lucrețiu Pătrășcanu Street no. 30

Founded in 1961, Gheorghe Vranceanu National College is known in Romania as one of he best highschools, having been ranked as number 8 in top 10 best schools.

It has gained its fame starting from 1990, when more and more competitive students decided to choose Gherghe Vranceanu as the place where they could best achieve their educational goals. And the results they obtained and keep obtaining at national and international competitions and olympiads are the best way to prove it .

Today, our College  has got a total of 954 students, meaning a total of 32 classes,  both of arts and sciences.


Our highschool has a total of 32 classrooms, 3 Informatics laboratories, 1 Physics Laboratory, 2 Chemistry-Biology laboratories , 1 laboratory of Languages. We also have a library and a reading room with computers that have Internet access.

Every year we have a special Gala, awarding our most successful teachers and students which have obtained special results in national and international competitions, thus encouraging performance at every level.