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                    GIMNAZIJA METKOVIĆ

Address:                    Kralja Zvonimira 12

                                     20350 Metković


Phone number:              + 385 20 681 344;   +385 20 690 121

Email:                                 tajnistvo@gimnazija-metkovic.com

Facts:                                 founded in 1954; present-day modern and

                                             recognised school with specialized classrooms and

                                             multimedia centre (school library with a reading

                                             room), modern and well-equipped school gym

School type:                     Language, Science and General high school  

Awards:                             Due to numerous recognitions and awards on both

                                             regional and national levels Gimnazija Metković        

                                             was awarded The Minister's Recognition in 2002.

Projects:                            E-Schools; UNESCO, The School of Democracy; Public-

                                             Speaking School, Quality School, Erasmus +, Goethe

                                             Institute Partnership, German THG Recklinghausen

                                             School Partnership